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5 Ways to Reduce Your Living Expenses

Living expenses can be defined as expenses for living, and maintaining a certain standard of life. These include necessities like food, accommodations, transport, communication, electricity, water, home supplies, clothing, medical facilities, education, and entertainment.

Real Retirement Living Expenses

Most financial advisers use 70 – 80 percent of pre-retirement income as the amount of post retirement income that will be necessary for a comfortable retirement. When we examine real numbers, this percentage seems higher than is really necessary. This should come as good news for many of the Boomer generation who have not saved as much as they should for a comfortable retirement.

Reality Retirement Planning

Using the conventional income replacement method of retirement planning most financial advisers say that retirees need 75 – 85% of their pre-retirement income to live comfortably in retirement.  Reality Retirement Planning says that amount is much higher than is really necessary.  Ty Bernicke, a Certified Financial Planner for Bernicke & Associates, wrote a convincing article that dispels the 75 – 85% concept.